Little Pete’s song (Jingle Bells)

Thw way he sings it and writes it down will make a spelling teacher fall down and cry! Enjoy!

Dashing throu thhe snou,

 end aya wun horz opun sleah,

 ovr thhe feeewlsz wee goou,

lafeng awwl thhe waee! (hawhawhaw!)

 Blsz oun bob talsz wouing,

mackeng spaeretsz bwiiiit!

 Wat fon et ez two laf end senga aya sleahheng soung twonkneght!

O Jengal bels, Jengal bels, Jengal awwl thhe waee!

 O muc fon, et ez two wide, en aya wun horz opun sleahhhheayah! (x2)
Aya ddayah ourah to agho,

 i thouwt iioul tayak aya wide,

end sooun miessz Fwanne Bwreght,

wahsz seetid bi mi sidah.

Thhe horz wahsz leen end lankah,

 miessz fourchen szeemd et’sz loutt,

 wee gout endtwo aya dwieftend banck end thhenah wee gout upahsout!


O Jengal bels, Jengal bels, Jengal awwl thhe waee!

 O muc fon, et ez two wide, en aya wun horz opun sleahhhheayah! (x4)




On the Cobblestones of England (type of Poem)

Rain pelted down her eye-lids,

as she sat hunched in that corner.

Ragged, now soaked clothes,

sat upon her near-frozen skin.

She coughed-oh that cough!

Blood dripped down her lips.

She groaned, and clutched her raving stomach

with so much intesity.

She sobbed silently,

with much difficulty

her neck at a disturbing angle.

She stared at the slashes,

on her leg,

puss oozing out of them.

A 4 year old,

on the cobblestones of England,

thrown away,

left to die.

She sobbed more,

though no more tears came,

she was terribly thristy.

Her tramitized eyes glanced where her long locks of hair should of been,

in place was a patchy bald head.

She knew her head had a huge dent in it.

She soon saw a vision.

Her lovely mother,

at a bar,

since her husband was drinking,

and dragged her with him.

She gave the 4 year old birth there,

the father, now tispy,

glanced a the cooing mother,

hugging her child.

The father was now raging,

shouting at the mother,

which caused the baby to cry.

The dad, still furious,

grabbed the baby,

the mom begged him to give the baby back,

The father refused, and punched the baby’s head.

The mother, filled with so much emotion,

Thinking the child was dead,

clutched her heart and died.

unfortunately, the death was a false alarm,

and the baby still survived,

but with a dent in her head.

The child sobbed, and was choking.

But she felt something.

Something warm approached her.

She stopped shivering, since she was no longer cold,

and stared a a forming light.

It was no longer raining,

and she saw a beautiful lady with a white long robe.

It was her mother.

She shrieked with joy, or tried to,

and ran across the road to her mother.

She felt now light and beautiful,

and she saw her beaten up body left behind.

she was beautiful again,

and had a short but sparkly dress,

almost like her mom’s.

She reached out and hugged her mother.

She felt overwelming love,

and with her mom went up,



A man with a short bristle beard,

walked on the road,

he was in a hurry,

he had a job interview.

Then his nose was invaded with a rotting smell.

He turned around, and gave a shout.

A corpse, a small child,

maybe 3 or 4 years old,

and griminced,

the child was in a clear brutal state.

But the queer part was,

that this child was smiling.

He whipped out his not-so-cheap cell phone,

and called 911.

“Police, I have found a corpse of what looks like a dead 3 or 4 year old.” (pause) “MmHmm. Okay, I carry her over there right away. Okay, bye.”

He picked up the child,

and gasped in shock,

As he buckled under, trembled violently, wailed and cried, still carrying the corpse,

for he reconized the face – it was his daughters.

The New Horror (type of poem)

Horror filled the room,

my mouth gotten dry,

Horror came closer, heaving and wheezing,

Wait a minute-wheezing?

He strained to climb up the stairs…

Thud…. that sound was the pathetic.

I opened my eyes, just a little.

Horror presence filled the room,

but it wasn’t scary, it was.. something different.

It felt, well scared, and his thoughts were transfered to mine.

You my boy, are just not lucky.

When I was young, people gossiped how frightening I was,

Heck, 17 people could of died when looking at me.

My presence was that powerful.

Visit the Internet,

though that might not popular right now,

it tells great stories of my past.

I’m too old now son,

I could barely walk.

My roars a creak,

now I”m very weak.

Now I will just leave.

Though, my son, can I ask you a favor?

I gulped, but now I’m not afraid of Horror.

He was frightening in the 2000’s

That is just centuries ago.

And the man in the room, was hunched,

wrinkles and saggy skin,

is just what’s left of him.

Freckles dotted his valleys and trenches.

But what was so magical that he was wearing,

seemed to make him very scary.

A majestical black robe,

made him shine, and to be feared.

So we talked for a while,

and I accepted his fate,

now I wear that black robe,

For I am the new Horror….

4x worser than the old.

So I ask you, aren’t you frightened?

Fear me…

Ever So Still ( A Type of Poem)

Gazing at the bones and skin and blood,

The battered dirty-white flag, so still

Victory never to be claimed,

Still scurrying about.

Blood and skin and bones

Skulls with never-ending holes

Blood clotting rusty tailpipes

Death approached slowly in his carrrige

And stopped, for something-someone caught his eye.

An old man in the debris,

A battered cough, ever so still

Stuck in the old man’s thoat

Wounded and in pain, but ever so still

Blood staining the old man’s tongue,

Death ordered his horses to a halt.

With his thoughts, loud but unspoken.

Silence ruled the area only for a mere moment,

Then Death went off the carrige that was filled with the scent of doom.

And stood in front of that shaken old man

For a long moment, neither spoke

Just stared, observing the other’s eyes.

One pitless black, unfriendly

Another wise and frightened, and ancient blue

A lady fell for long time ago.

Death soon broke that dreary silence,

” Are thou ready?”

The old man lay there

Confused thoughts swimming in his mind.

His bones screaming in agony

begging to sink into the beckoning floor,

never to rise again.

Then that old man sorted out his thoughts

and asked, with many breaks and stutters,

“What about my family?

What about my children, my sweet Annabeth,

What will become of them?”

Death stood there, staring at the old man.

The old man’s ears dimly heard the whinnying

and rattling of bones, bells laughing in the air,

Death’s thoughts were unspoken, but clear.

Your family will soon join you

into your new life, filled with glory and happyness

Life is immortal there,

and you will be able to treasure it, forever…

So that old man’s cheek, dirty and sooty

was soon invaded with a single pure tear

rolling down it’s surface, to forever fall down.

That cough, that was stuck at that old man’s dry throat

sprang to life, and the old man died.

People might think that Death is cold,

Cold as a frozen and hardened rock.

Death was, for many centuries and decades,

But something stirred and warmed Death’s bitter heart,

that day

For he understood, how that man felt.

And now, as he loaded his carrige, with another soul

he decided to sing.

That voice is what we now call Care and Sorrow,

We all have it, as a gift from Death, for that day

changed history, and whatever happened to that battlefield?

It turned silent, ever so still.


Just to tell you, I made this up. I seriously did NOT COPY THIS FROM A BOOK OR THE INTERNET.
Text copyright © 2011 by Kayla Velazquez. All Copyrights reserved.

A Life-changing Experience

I was going inside my house, going to fetch whatever my mom wanted me to get from the kitchen. Basically everyone in my family except my dad was in the car. We were waiting for him to come home. When I got whatever they wanted, and almost tripped on our new rug since I badly wanted to read this new book I got before dad got here. When he comes, we immediately go to church, a 2 hr. drive. And also when we are on the road, I’m not supposed to read. So anyway, I opened our front door, not expecting to see a scene that would change my life. Well, kinda anyway.

When the door was wide open, I saw, there in broad daylight, on the faded black street, a bird fight. Not two measly baby birds fighting for food, a real fight. A crow was fighting with eight sparrows, and seven were just fluttering around, chirping at him, but one, a male, was shrieking and furiously diving at the crows heart area. It also kept trying to peck out the crow’s eye. Then my eyes instantly went to the crow’s claws, and there was a little sparrow clutched there, perhaps even bleeding. I was shocked, with my mouth gaping open, then it hit me. Why would sparrows try to fight someone bigger than their own size, unless that big bird attacked one of their members….. I reacted immediately. “STOP!!! STOP IT YOU STUPID CROW!!!” I shrieked, then rushed to the scene. They were so frightened except for that male. They all flew away, chirping, even the crow, but that male took a little longer. He looked at me, clearly upset and I understood what he was trying to say. Why you do that for? then he flew off,  joining his companions in the trees. Thankfully, the crow was soo shocked he dropped the sparrow too, so there it was, chirping feebly and it’s leg was at a awkward angle. My family heard the noises and wondered what was going on. I quickly explained what had happened, and then we decided that I would go to the kitchen and get a box from the table. We would go and put the bird in the box, and when dad came, we would go the the animal shelter, drop him off, then go to church. Well, I ran to the house again, but after a moment’s hesitation. I glared at the crow in the trees, cursing him. I was suspious of him for a while, and later I should have. When I came back with the box, I saw a crow, clearly happy, diving off onto our neighbor’s neighbor’s roof, and the band of sparrow/warriors at him again. I instantly looked at the spot were we left him, and it was bare. While mom and siblings looked at the crow flying off, not aware of what just happened, I shouted. I was soo upset with my mom, because I thought When she looked away, my siblings too, the crow snatched the injured sparrow again and flew off. I was soo angry I shouted gibberish I could only understand. When I said, ” MOM! WHY DID YOU GUYS LOOKED AWAY!! THE CROW GOT HIM AGAIN ALL BECAUSE OF YOU GUYS STINKIN’ FAULT!! URGH!!” They heard,”MO!! WH-DI-Y-GU-LOO-AWW!! T-CRW-GO-HI-AGA-A-BECA-O-Y-GU-STIN-FAU!! URGH!!” I was talking faster than I ever had before, and I crushed the small box with my foot, knowing we wouldn’t use it again today. I was soo upset I saw red. I really don’t know what got into me. Seriously, I see myself today like a whiny 2 year old, having a tantrum. So I decided I would leave my confused family alone, and go to my backyard, next to my neighbor’s neighbor’s roof. I wasn’t tall enough to go ontop of our trash cans, so I climbed on top of the gate, Then started jumping on top of each trash can, going to the next one. Then, when there was no more trash cans, I started walking on the brink gate. It so high, I was scared of falling, but I pressed on, and gray small feathers started fluttering down on my head. My subconsious mind refused to believe it was the injured bird’s, but I couldn’t bring myself to look up onto the roof. More feathers. One of the warriors started to sing, low and bittersweet. Another started to sing to, farther away. I gulped, then sobbed. I ran off onto the road again, where I last saw him. Then, I looked onto the neighbor’s neighbor’s roof, at a different angle. I saw the cunning stupid crow leaning down on the injured bird’s chest, picking out feathers. They fluttered down our backyard. It was sunset. Then, the fiercest warrior of them all, approached the crow carefully, chirping softly. “Cheep. Cheeep. Cheep. Cheeep” Then he stopped. I was like in a trance, my eyes rufusing to leave that sad scene. That bird refused to believe his brother was dead. Like me. “Chee-” He tried to start again, but he was chased of by the crow. He had gotten too close. With one more long, siren-like chirp, he woefully flew off. Then the crow leaned again, and then I saw blood. Blood and bones and feathers. I choked, and was again in the real world. I ran into the car and babbled the death to my mom. She didn’t answer, she wanted me to calm down. I saw a bowl of spagatti on my seat, and I really couldn’t bare to eat it. It was too cold. It also tasted bad. My dad came, and wondered what was going on. My mom explained, then she turned to me and asked, “Do you feel better?” Shesh, I was soo sad I couldn’t talk. I was semi-mute, (because of the sniffles and choking noises coming from my throat). Then I learned while we were driving to our church that the bird flew off when I left, toward our house and the clever stupid crow snatched him from the air, and then I saw what happened next. My mom said she also felt bad for the bird, and said that even innocent children were dying horrible deaths right now. What made my stomach feel worse that my sister Jochie was bawling for no reason, and saying dumb things like, “Who cares if children die! I care for the bird!” including her bubblering voice I wanted to puke. My brother was happy because he said he covered his eyes the whole time. Anyways, I felt like it was my fault. Because the bird wanted to follow me, it got killed.  I felt like it was MY FAULT. That’s how I felt. MY FAULT.

A Puzzling Narrative

“The Greedy Green-Eyed Monster”

Olivia Moss scampered out 0f bed in her froggy-patterned PJs. The 13 year old also changed  into her pink blouse and light blue jeans, with her dark pink earrings. She rushed to the bathroom to brush her teeth and comb her light brown hair. She then hurried to the kitchen to eat her buttermilk pancakes with lots of syrup. As she entered the room, she saw her drowsy mom struggling to keep awake, packing up for something. Something’s wrong, mom never wakes up this early, she thought curiously. Her mom turned around and her face broke into a wide grin. ” Oh, hi Olivia!” She kissed Olivia’s forehead. “I’m going to visit your grandpa in Florida. He’s sick and needs care. And since you’re grandma passed away…” she trailed off and a small tear trickled down her cheek. “It’s okay mom. She was a great person.” Olivia lied as she hugged her trembling mom. Her grandma was horrible. She was a big case murder and was an anchoholic. Her mom sighed miserably, then said, “I’m going to leave you alone  in the house for a few days. I’m absolutally sure you can take care of your self.” She hugged her daughter, then whispered, “I won’t be gone for too long.” She opened the front door and cried,” Take care!” Her mom jumped inside a taxi, who  Olivia barely noticed was honking madly. She watched her mom leave, then snatched $1.50 from the counter once her mom was out of sight. She then feed her dog, Trixie, a yorkie mixed with a poodle. After Trixie was done eating, she howled when Olivia was about to open the door. Olivia sighed, then bent down to ruffle Trixie’s fur. Trixie rolled over and pawed at Olivia to rub her belly. As Olivia rubbed, Trixie sighed and licked her chops, telling Olivia that she appreciated it. While Trixie was appreciating the belly rub, Olivia was thinking how her dad looked like. Was he tall and lean or was he short and pudgy? Or was he tall and pudgy or short and lean? Did he have blond hair or brown hair? Did he have purple hair or red hair? Oh, what does it matter? He left us to tend for our selves, and now we are barely living right now. Well, at least I have some money to buy a bag of Hersheys. Mmm, she thought hungrily. She stopped rubbing Trixie’s belly, and said, ” I have to go now Trixie, I want to get a treat too.” Trixie whimpered, but let Olivia rush out the door. Olivia walked on the sidewalk and watched a ladybug struggle to stay on a slippery blade of grass. It was 6:30 in the morning, and it was a bit chilly. Olivia rubbed her arms to stay warm. Brr, its cold. That’s what I get for waking up early this morning, she thought bitterly. She also saw mist forming and swirling around her. Leaves in the trees rustled above her head, as if sharing a secret. She thrust her hands in her pockets, thinking how good it would be if she was in bed right now. As she was thinking, she barely noticed a coin gleaming from a crack at the sidewalk. She bent down to pick it up, when she bumped into someone’s head, who bent down to pick up the coin too. She looked up, only to find a boy with blonde hair with blue eyes and a tan. “Oh, I’m soo sorry,” she yelped, but the boy only seemed to be studying the coin.  He then cursed, and handed the coin to her. She meekly grabbed it, then rushed of across the street. She then scolded her self harshly. Well, that went well. Just because of your little shy bum you acted like a fool. She then looked at the coin, and it wasn’t like any coin she seen before. It seemed to be made out of crystal patched with rose-like black patches. It was soo pretty, and it reminded her of a snow leopard. The coin also seemed to be full of life, which confronted her. But she then stopped. She thought she heard footsteps lightly touching the cement behind her, pattering softly. She whirled around, only to find that a cat was watching her, pattering softly behind her. With Blue Eyes. And a orange peachy fur. She blinked, and the cat stared back. She shivered, and turned to see CVS Pharmacy ahead of her. She sighed in relief. Now she will finally reach her distination. She will get to buy her bag of Hersheys, march home, and pretend nothing had happened. She trotted and opened the door, breathing in the fresh air and taking in the sight. There was candy and soda bottles neatly stacked, and perfumes and cards and coloring books. So many stuff! And most of all, there was a huge window touching the floor and the ceiling in the corner of the store- wait a minute. The cat! It was staring at her, through the window. “Oh My Gosh! “Th-Th-Th-The cat! I-It’s…” she stuttered. A little girl thought she was crazy and looked at her mother. The mother shook her head and did the cuckoo sign. Then they hurriedly ran off. But no one seemed to notice the cat wasn’t a cat anymore, it was the boy Olivia meet earlier! He did not look happy. Olivia screamed, and ran off to the nearest aisle to hide in. Unpredictably, she heard someone whisper into her ear, “Who are you hiding from?” She turned around and was nose-to-nose to that creepy boy! “Aahh!!” she shrieked in his ear, and he quickly reached for his ears. “Yowch! No need to scream!” he grumbled. While he was massaging his ears, which seemed to make the pain worse, Olivia ran off out the door to the streets. “Oh, I wish I was an ant right now,” She cried. Suddenly she started to shrink and was unexplainably light brown as her hair, and the rain drops threatened to squash her alive. She was an ant! Then she heard a groan that was loud as thunder, “Aww man, I thought so. She doesn’t know she’s a fairy. And I bet you she wished she was a type of bug.” Then a cute little ant rushed past her. Aww it’s so tiny, she thought. Then thousands of ants rushed and started to eat it. She yelped in horror. The ants were done eating and stared hungrily at her. “Help!” She screamed, running for her life. Then one of her six legs stumbled and she fell. But then a huge tan cricket jumped and reached out to grab her. She did nothing to stop it, and was being carried through the air…she felt like she was flying, up and down…”Wish you were human already! We don’t have all day!” the cricket said impaiently. As creepy as it was, she saw he was right. Those ant were incredibly fast, gaining and trying to overcome the cricket with their numbers. She whispered what he had asked of her, and and found herself on wet grass with that-that boy! ”Oh boy!” he yelped. She saw he was bleeding rapidly, from the bits and lungs of those ants! But to her surprise, the boy just waved his hand over the wound, and it closed. ”That was a close one.” He said, no longer looking in pain. Then he quickly snapped his fingers and Olivia felt like she was connected with the boy. She tried to run away, but a invisible chain held her back. “What have you done to me!” She cried angrily. “Just a little something so you won’t escape,” he replied cheerfully, and held her hand and dragged her to a corner. “Now be quiet!” He whispered. He looked back where they were a second ago. To her surprise, she saw the thousands of ants she thought she saw were actually eight people with pink wings and shiny badges on their uniforms. “Does he have to be so quick?” a man grumbled. “We almost had her! We need that last coin!” a lady whined. ”Coin?” a fat man quipped. “Yes idiot! The coin!” A skinny lady snarled. Olivia decided to call her Bun, since she had a bun, the fat man Idiot, the previous lady Whiner, and the previous man Grumble. The other four turned to ugly dogs, so she decided to call them Minions, since the obeyed their masters orders. Then to her horror, the strange boy shouted to them, “Hey uglies!” He shouted, and ran off (he actually flew off, okay?), dragging Olivia with him. “That’s the girl!” Whiner cried, and the strange crew flew at them. Literally flew. Except, Idiot. He rather floated towards them, trying to put on a fierce face, and the Minions snarled and chased them on the ground. “Why did you do that? We could of escaped!” Olivia snarled. The boy just laughed and said, ” What’s the point of that? That wouldn’t be exciting at all. Now this,” he pointed to the Minions, which soon lunged at them, but he quickly dodged that, and continued, ” this is soo exciting, I could barf!” Olivia  groaned. ” This may be exciting to you, but this could kill me! I don’t know who you are, or even what you are, but I want no part of this! Drop me now!” She commanded. “Okay, Your Magasty.” he responded slyly. He snapped his fingers again, let go of her hand, and dropped her. Olivia shouted as she fell, “Pick me up! PICK ME UP NOW!!!” The boy rolled his eyes, then dived at Olivia. She almost had her leg chewed off by one of those Minions-ughh- but then boy then swooped down and picked her up. “Why did you do that! I could of gotten killed two ways! Firstly, I could of fell and splatter on the road, blood everywhere or number two- got my leg chewed of by those; those Minions and probably gotten infected with some rabid disease and have my leg cut off or 99.999% be dead. What do you think of that?” she spat, esasperated. “Hmm, I think number one is not such a bad idea…” he remarked, grinning broadly. She punched him, hard. He winced, then shot her a meaningful look. But then the real battle began. While they were doing their little chat, the crew called more people to come and help them out. Helicopers flew above them, shoting a white beam on them. They looked behind them, only to find men with real guns and pink wings behind them. “Wowie captain, lookie what you did. I’m soo happy we are in a nice little house, eating gingerbread cookies with warm, creamy milk instead of almost being killed by people I don’t even know!” she said sacastically. They soon landed, the strange boy panting. He was leaning on a wall, wheezing. “Um, dude. I don’t think right now is the right time to land, especially with the bad guys right around the corner.”Then she felt his hand slip away and he turned around to fight  two bunky guys. “Hey, let me go.” he said, struggling after he had gotten his hands put behind him painfully. Then he said, “Go Olivia, NOW!” But then she was captured, by a net. “Hey!” she shouted. She felt her self slowly being carried to the sky. “Excuse me mister,  I’m afraid of hieghts. Can you please let me go now?” she called out to Idiot, who was on the helicopter. He shook his head feircely. “NO! NONONO!” he shrieked. She sighed. She really wasn’t afraid of heights, but now that you think about it, how can you not when you are dangled up high 100 ft above the ground; in a flimsy net that can fall down any second? At least that boy had a strong grip… Oh man! She doesn’t even know his name! She slapped her forehead for being such an idiot. She also could of turned into a bird or something while she was being barely lifted off the ground. A BIRD! She started to whisper the words “I wish” but Grumble chuckled from above. “No Olivia, you can’t turn into something now. Sal, give me the tranquilizer.” Whiner (which was now gonna be called Sal) handed over the gun. Olivia saw that the boy had already been shot and was now sleeping peacefully above. Or, as peacefully as you can sleep with both a frown on your face and a dart sticking out from your skin.  “And, oh, just so you know that darn boy is called  Johnny.” And there was darkness…

Light seeped into Olivia’s eyelids as she started to stand up. Her arm hurt so bad, and she soon figured out why. A Granny Smith green dart stuck out of her arm. Then she heard a groan. She swirled around, only to find in relief that it was Johnny.  But to her surprise, there were two other children with them, in a cramped animal cage. All around them was dark, creepy room. Skeletons were scattered around the floor, Spiders crawled on the ceiling, and what’s worse, a gigantic snake with long fangs was slithering around the room, looking for a human to sack on. It nosed in some cupboards, wrinkled it’s nose, then looked in some files. ” Johnny, where are we?” she whispered. He heaved a long sigh, then said, “Where do ya think?” ”Hell?” she said innocently. “Nope, I’ve been there, and this room is not even close to looking like hell.” he grunted, not realizing the sacastic-ness in her voice. She rolled her eyes, then said,”Then WHERE ARE WE!?!” She yelled. He quickly put his hand over her mouth, then looked around for the snake. He let go after he thought the coast was clear. “Shut up! In case you haven’t noticed, there is a huge man-eating snake sharing this very room with us, and I don’t think you WANT to attract it’s attention.” “Then tell me where are we?” she hissed. “We’re in the Greedy Green-Eyed Monster’s room. There, you satisfied?” He glared. “Why are you so grumpy, Johnny?” she whispered. He sighed, then said, ” I’m just tired. Don’t worry about it. I’m fine.” “Who are those children? What’s up with the skeletons? Are they real? Why are we in a cage? Why is there a snake here? Why is it so big? I’m scar-” “SHUT UP! LEAVE ME ALONE!” he shouted. Olivia blinked a few times. She was never talked to like that. Not even in her school. “Okay, fine. Be that way.” She snarled. as she turn to ask the other children in the room, she felt a light hand on her shoulder. “Wait, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to uh… talk like that. I’ll answer all your questions.” He took a deep breath, and the explaining began.

” Remember when you found that coin? The crystal one? Did you even notice it wasn’t black and white in the first place?” Olivia shook her head bashfully. ” Well, it was the copper color before you touched it. It changes colors if you have a favorite animal and are a fairy. Whatever that animal’s covering is, it covers the coin with that covering. But I have no favorite animal, so it didn’t change when I picked it up.  I was hoping to change it’s form to see if it was one of those coins, so I decided to give it to you since girls obviously must have a favorite animal. And I’ve been following you for a while, so I knew you were a fairy. Even better, the fairy princess.” “Wait a minute,” Olivia interrupted. “Me, of all people a princess fairy? I don’t even look like one, I don’t like to wear make-up, and I am such a clumsy person. How can I be a fairy, let alone a FaiRy RPriNCEsS!?” He rolled his eyes.”You dumb humans. Princesses are not those, those girly-girl bouncy makeup-covered twerps! You got it all wrong. They aren’t Barbies!” He spat. Then he continued, “Princesses are ladies in a higher rank that take care of their people no matter what, even if their life is at risk. They listen to their subjects complaints and try to make the fairy kingdom a better place. They even go to war to fight and do what’s right. They don’t wave, giggle, just stand there, cooing at the handsome guys, burping then saying “excuse me, he he!”, and wait for someone to handle their every “need”.  Got it? Have you even seen Princess Ganet? She was the best princess that ever lived and looked worser than a demon!” Then something fell from the sky and hit Johnny hard. “OWWW!!” He shrieked, then rubbed his head. What ever was thrown at him disappeared like dust. “I’m sorry Your Magasty! I will never make fun of your “prettiness” again! I was just explaining our history! God!” he huffed, and thunder was his answer. He then turned to Olivia, and then asked,” Can I continue?” Olivia nodded, confused. Was that Princess Ganet? she wondered. Suddenly she didn’t think being a princess fairy wasn’t so bad after all. She grinned. “So, as I was saying, you are the next fairy princess in the palace, and I just wanted to see if it was a coin that could change, and I saw it was. So I decided to follow you so I could keep you out of trouble.” “Right…” she teased, remembering how he blown their cover and got captured. “Anyway, I will now tell you about the Greedy Green Eyed Monster.” He then coughed, like it was a very painful subject to talk about. “The Greedy Green Eyed Monster wasn’t always so greedy. He used to be a boy, and had a great and talented brother. Then something bad happened. He was working on a project the Queen asked him to do,  and then a evil witch doctor came to give us a little visit. He hated fairies, so we knew he was up to no good. No children were supposed to be in the palace when he came, every child had to be in the basement. He had weird effects on them. When the alarm rang, he didn’t know  it was rung until he decided to go show his mom, the Queen. But when he had entered to room, the witch doctor was inside and turned him into a green, smelly, demon-like creature; then ran off from the palace, laughing. Fortunately, a magical fairy was powerful enough to make him into a boy he was whenever he wanted. Unfornately, not in front of his girlfriend, and he turned evil and wicked inside after she broke up with him. He wasn’t the kind of brother his brother used to know, and was evil since. Now he is collecting these coins of magic so he could get enough power to over throw the Queen and King, and make you his… um… his…. his… his…”  He was cut off by a door slamming, and a boy shouting, “MY QUEEN!!” Olivia gasped, and Johnny turn very very pale. “Hello, brother. Nice to see you again. ” The boy laughed wickedly.

She couldn’t believe this. He was, well, as cute as his claimed-to-be brother, Johnny. The only difference was his eyes. They were wicked. “Johnny, how nice to see you again.” the boy smirked. ” Steven!” Johnny gasped, more paler than ever, “It’s really you!” Steven laughed again, and looked directly at Olivia. “I see my younger brother has explained every thing you need to know, right sugar-pie?” He said, voice as sweet honey. She shook her head in disgust, “Eww! Don’t call me sugar-pie! I will never even think to even volunteer to be your queen!” Steven, or the Greedy Green-Eyed Monster seemed to get a little upset with this comment, but then grinned. “Well, you don’t “want” to be my queen, but I will force you, so ha ha!” He laughed. Then Olivia noticed Johnny turned red, bloody red and roared, “Oh shut up Steven! I WILL NEVER LET YOU EVEN TOUCH HER!” Steven then whipped out a knife and put it right under Johnny’s chin. “I think not, little brother.” Then he touched Olivia. “I already did!” Olivia was now angry too. She stomped up to Steven, then jabbed her finger in his chest. “Listen here immature freak, I will not be your queen, even if you threaten to kill me! You are too ugly and wicked and immature and disgusting for me! Now SHUT THE HELL UP!” While Olivia was yelling at a surprised Steven, Johnny quickly swiped the knife from Steven and hold it high very threatenly. But then Steven quickly recovered and said, “Oh Tootsie! Come here Tootsie!” The huge snake slithered up to Steven and purred itself in Steven’s lap. “No Tootsie! No love right now! Go and eat that kid with the grimy blonde hair! My stupid brother wants to fight!” The snake was surprised for a moment, and showed its fangs to Johnny. Johnny tried to not show his fear, but his quivering ”sword” betrayed him. “Steven, you k-know I’m afraid of….” ” I know Johnny,” He sneered, crossing his arms, “You are afraid of snakes.” Olivia was watching to snake spitting poison at Johnny, but he ran off sideways. Then the snake lashed it’s tail and ripped Johnny’s “sword” from him. When the snake was about to inject his fangs into Johnny’s flesh she recovered. “NOO!! Back off Tootsie! BACK OFF!!!” She yelled, then rammed her head into the snake belly. The snake hissed at her, but then it put a goofy look on it’s face. ” Phoenix? Princess Phoenix? Why are you here? Have you come to rescue me from him?” It replied eagerly, grabbing Steven with its tail. “HEY!! WATCH IT TOOTSIE!! PUT ME DOWN!” Steven yelped. Tootsie rolled his eyes and said, ” Whatever.” Steven was now boiling mad. “Okay Tootsie! You are now my lunch!!” He roared, turning green. Tootsie quickly let go of Steven, then slithered into a corner of the room, cowering. Olivia watched in horror and Johnny was near the brink of fainting as Steven was green, huge, and had six black fangs and red little spots speckled his skin. His eyes turned white, and his skin seemed to shimmer. “Eww! Steven, you expect me to marry an ugly demon, like you?” Olivia said with disgust. ” My Love, you can wait. I’ll get your precious coin later!” He rumbled, his voice slurred and low, but pretty threatening. But then yellow little pixies flew into the room, yelling in some wierd lauguage, “La La Ka Ka! Weep Princess Phoenix!” And then bigger fairies flew inside the room. And then, a blonde girl with very straight hair slipped into the room. She had blue eyes and was wrinkling her nose in disgust. Steven widened his eyes at the sight of her, while she said, ” Oh God Steven! You are so sensitive! And you are ugly as ever!” She added. Steven started to shrink and turned into himself again, now smiling bashfully. ” Lavender, why are you here?” He was practically stumbling with his words, now really red. She rolled her eyes, and Johnny seemed to recover and sneered, “OMG Steven! Looks like your EX-girlfriend decided to show up! After all those years…” But  Steven didn’t even look at him, he was in a trace with Lavender.  Then a nearby yellow fairy handcuffed Steven and mumbled, “That was easy. Thanks, Lavender for coming. You can leave now.” She said, “Finally.” and pink wings popped from her back and she flew off. “Lavander! Wait!” he yelled, tears streaming from his eyes. Then he glared at Olivia and yelled at the yellow fairies, “Take my Queen too!” And tried to point a finger at Olivia. “Hey!” she protested, but luckally Olivia was saved by Johnny. “Er, wait! She’a with me, honest! Don’t you know she’s Princess Phoenix?” He said. “Okay Your Magasty.” the yellow fairies bowed. One rose an eyebrow at Johnny and said, “Johnny, you know you have to chose what princess from the Golden Castle to marry in six days, and Princess Phoenix is the only one.” Olivia blushed greatly and was uncomfortable. “Um, I don’t think I’m Princess Phoenix-” she stammered, refusing to look at Johnny, then quietly said, “But if I am, maybe we can work it out?’ A yellow fairy chuckled and replied with a puckish twinkle in his eye, “Take your time.” Olivia looked at Johnny, who blushed, then said out-loud, “I wonder what mom will say!” Everyone laughed.

Mostly History about Easter Island

Mostly History about Easter Island







Easter Island basically has a very fascinating history. For some kids, history is boring and don’t really believe it’s interesting at all. Well, I came to tell you history is really intriguing, and I’m going to start by  telling you Easter Island’s history. Easter Island is a wonderful island with really awesome history that I will soon tell you about. But first, let’s start this report by telling you how awesome Easter Island is right now, before I tell you of it’s history. Here it goes…


Easter Island’s Good Looks and Useful Facts

  Way up high in an airplane, Easter Island looks like a green bumpy mass of land, it’s rim a peachy color, and the sea looks as if it will swallow the island whole. But as you near, you see swaying palm trees, silky sand, and crystal-clear water that you would like to splash, dive, and snorkel in! The average temperatures are about 73’F and the winters are fairly mild (So it’s actually sunny all year long! Yay!). Easter Island is basically a volcano mound, 63 miles wide and 10,000 miles high from the Pacific Ocean floor! Easter Island also has three extinct volcanoes on top of it, which is very odd, since it’s a volcano itself. There is many things to do there besides taking pictures or painting a scenery. To name a few you could ( do sailing, scuba diving, and snorkeling on Anakena beach), hiking to Selkirk’s Look-out, horse-back riding on the beach, and visit Rapa Nui National Park and Te Moana Restaurant. Several jobs there are Farming, Agriculture, Cattle Ranching, Fishing, Art Work, and the most occupied job of all; Touring. There are schools there for Kindergarten, Pre-Basic, Basic, and for Middle-Teaching. To name a school there is one called The Liceo Lorendo Bazeda Vega. There is lots of animal life, of course. And there are houses which are very affordable, unless you prefer a fancy snazzy hotel. Since it’s thought to be the world’s most inhabited island, it doesn’t surprise me that the population is 20,000, so there goes the thought of not having a good night’s sleep. Well now, since you now know how great Easter Island can be for a place to live in, let’s go to it’s history, shall we? (all these facts came from of Easter Island#First settlers)




Meet the Rapa “Family and Their Amazing Beliefs!

  When Jacob Roggeveen’s expedition in 1722 (Jacob Roggeveen was Dutch explorer sent to find Terra Australis), he gives us this itty bitty information about the early Rapa Nui people.The first thing he noticed was their stretched out earlobes. He said they were so long that they could “hitch the rim of the lobe over the top of the ear”. The second thing he noticed was their large stature, about 196 through 199 cm tall. When they first came to Easter Island, (the first person was Chief Hoto Mata’a with his extended family in two large canoes. They ate bananas, taro (roots of an Araceae plant), sugar canes, paper mulberry, chickens, fish, and Polythesian Rats. One unexplainable but interesting traidition is that one chief leader chose one person to go from his clan and swim through shark invested waters to an little island, bring a specific water bird’s egg, swim back and climb up a cliff. Whoever goes first is to be claimed “Bird-Man” of the year and has his eyelashes plucked and eyebrows with his or her hair shaved to a cave for the rest of the year. Now let’s go with beliefs.
* A figure made from Lapa cloth must be in front of every thresh hold to ward off any evil spirit.
*The upper part of a paddle must have Janus’s face carved on it.
*A wood carving of Fish-man is ornaments be worn by Rapas Nui ladies on special dances. (All these facts came from and of Easter Island#First settlers



The Most Intruging Part of All….

  In 1860, Tahitian soldiers first sailed to Easter Island with a bit of luck and called it “Rapa Nui”. This is why I call the early Islanders Rapa Nui people. But then you’re asking, how did it get it’s current name right now? Well, do you remember Jacob Roggeveen, from the paragraph, Meet The Rapa Nui “Family” and Their Amazing Beliefs!? He was a Dutch sea captain and gave Easter Island it’s current name in April. So you  might of guessed the Rapa Nui right now are having a good time? Probably, but in 1862, Peruvian  salve raiders came and brought disaster with them. Violation struck and around 1,500 Rapa Nui men and women were slaughtered (not all the Rapa Nui people died, but very few survived, only to become slaves). I think they became slaves until 1863, but by then many have died from small pox, tubercolosis, and dysentery because they were unfamiliar with these diseases that they didn’t know what to do about it. But for some reason, chaos came and war was created. Then, right after the war, a famine came. Poor Rapa Nui people! That isn’t the worst. The person who was going to have a long impact with them was Jean Baptiste Dutrou Bonier- arms dealer, gambler, bigamist, murderer, slave dealer, and shipwreaker-he was the worst. And I should say greedy too, because he wanted to wipe out all the Rapi Nui people and make Easter Island into a sheep ranch. Absurd! Even though he knew what he was about to do would anger the Rapa Nui people, he also fell in love with a Rapa Nui lady named Koreta and married her.But he also kidnapped pubescent girls, so people hated him so much for that that they killed him in 1876 while he was in an argue over a dress. But by then he had killed 97% per cent of the Rapa Nui people. They became ruled over this time and the Rapa Nui people decided to do a revolt when Mr. Scoreby fired a Rapa Nui person when the Rapa Nui person ate a bag of biscuits. They stole cattle and sheep and the revolt ended in August. The Rapa Nui people won their land back, and all was well. BTW, the topic was the time when early Rapa Nui people’s lives were the worst. (All these facts came from http-// of Easter Island#First settlers)




I hope all of you now know how interesting history is, especially Easter Island’s history. When I researched more about Easter Island, I really didn’t know how interesting the history was until I went to Island, and learned a lot about Easter Island’s history. I also started with monuments, but You know that changed. I like Easter Island’s history and I really hope I can learn more about Easter Island’s history someday.  So I really hoped you enjoyed learning about Easter Island’s history. As I said before, Easter Island is a wonderful island with really awesome history. Bye!


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A Touching Memoir (okay, not really…)

True Story, 100% true! Believe me, I know because it happened to me! Well, here it goes…

A Lesson Well Learned (Never Underestimate the Power of a Second Grader!)

I was on my first official soccer game. I remember wearing my soccer suit: a dark evergreen and white shirt, white shorts with tar black leggings and knee pads, and also plain green socks with tennis shoes; what my mom bought for me! ME! $For twenty dollars!$ When I look at my soccer suit placed on a shelve not used since 2009, I feel a pain of shame. My mom basically wasted her money on that thing. Anyway, I was number 12. Parents were swaying silently, waiting for the game to begin, some even saying in hushed tones, “Who’s going to win?” and ” I bet they’ll win!” and “You wish!”. We were all located in William Green Elementary School Park. I also remember me beaming at my suit, thinking, I’m going to make my mom proud, her saying to the other adults tomorrow at soccer practice while I kick  a soccer ball that landed on the gate, with a loud “Thwack!”, “That’s my girl! What a kick she has! Did you know she won her FIRST soccer game?”. The crowd ohs and ahhs as I kick a soccer ball to the moon, never coming back again. Then I came to focus with real life and FEAR clutched my heart. I realized I was Kayla, Kayla *********, a girl who sucks at soccer! (And still does)! I did a little groan as a breeze swooshed by, grinning wildly & wiggling it’s elf-like ear, arms crossed; then it also picked up some dust and threw it on my face. Or at least, that’s how I saw it. I blinked my eyes three or four times. It was around  four, five O’clock. The sky was orange, pink, and blue; the sun was beginning to yawn off and go to sleep. My mind was starting to drift off, but my friend Megan jogged by and stopped right in front of me, her hands waving in front  of my face. Sometimes I drift into my world, talking to myself and not aware of what’s going on. My blank face turned into a bashful grin, ponytail flying. It WAS breezy. Anyway, Megan exclaimed, ” Who do you think going to win?”. I shrugged and said, ” I don’t know, it depends who we are fighting against.” Then we saw Mr. Harris, our soccer coach mentioning our team to come over. Then I scooted over to Grace and Daisy, my two other friends. I usually join them in a practice game, only this game is official. I need them this time. “We will be battling a group of children from a private school,” he paused, then continued, ” they are second graders.” We all laughed. Mr. Harris shushed us. “I decided we should start small, to see what level we are in.” Then we did warm-ups, like jumping-jacks, cherry-pickers, & lots of stretching. Finally, our rivals appeared, and believe it-or-not they were actually second graders! We are so going to win, I thought wickedly as a second grader stumbled to his feet, (literally). I bet we looked like vicious, blood-thirsty dogs. They were so small! I looked at Daisy and Grace, and I knew just by the look on their faces that they thought so too. But we were so wrong, deadly wrong. X<

It turns out they were fighting machines. It was a whirl of fury, so blurry. The main thing I remember was that one of the second graders or one of my teammates kicked the soccer ball straight for my gut! I got a great spank and found out it didn’t hurt! See Kayla, I thought I heard God say, Did that hurt? I was really afraid of balls at that time because of an accident in third grade. I used to scoff at girls when they ran away from a ball falling towards them. I’ll actually go and held up my head when a ball was really close to hitting me. That all changed when I think a soccer ball hit my cheek, HARD. I had to go to the nurse’s office, when I got out, I was never the same. I actually then closed my eyes shut, covered my head, scream, or freeze if a ball heads my way. I am still doing the same thing when that happens, but I’m trying to over come my fear. Anyway, to the point. As I said earlier, it didn’t hurt, even though it hit me full force. I didn’t get a bruise, which was amazing because I remember another time when I had fire on my hand and I didn’t burn and it didn’t hurt. Anyway, that’s also another story. Another thing I remember was that the referee was in the second grader’s team, and the referee pretended we kicked a second grader, so they got a penalty! I was also pretty wimpy and prayed to God that he will not let the ball come to me, and I pretended to play. At the end the game was 2-0. We lost to the second graders! I felt awful. I let mom down, I thought sadly. But my mom just hugged me and said, ” You did great!” I felt better and we got snackes! Today, my mom says she wished I enjoyed it more. But I unfornately, I didn’t. So, as I said, DON’T UNDERESTIMATE THE POWER OF A SECOND GRADER!!!

My Every Day Hero

Paola Sarita V. had a beautiful childhood from newborn to age seven. She was born in Lima, capital of Peru. She lived in a urban and lively street named Coronel Zubiaga in the city of Barrios Altos. She had four older sisters and five older brothers. In short, she was the youngest child. She recalled her childhood as a happy event from her life; and she lived in an apartment complex called Quintas. From first to second grade she went to a Catholic Private School, called Nino Jesus de Praga. She would normally at school days put on her school uniform. A gray dress for girls and a white shirt and gray pants for boys. She would laugh when she saw a bunch of children running to school, and would describe it as “a big gray cloud rushed by the wind”. She was very lucky because in those times Peru’s elementary schools started at 7:00 A. M. and finished at 12:00 P.M. There was no middle school, just six years in elementary and five years in high school. The high school started at 1:00 P.M. and ended at 5:00 P.M.  (lucky!) She would remember coming out of school; five blocks away from her house, and usually on her way back home she would smell exquisite Peruvian cooking. Like Lomo Saltado and Arroz con Pollo. she would spend 2-3 hours on her homework; and would then roam outside in the sunshine and play games like Hopscotch, Jump-rope, and Jazz. Her playmates, companions of mischief were Yesica, Rosita, Carmen, and many more! she would watch soap operas, but those soap operas were not like today. Hers were for the whole family! Those were the good old days of her childhood, and not knowing what was in store for her; fate had an ugly turn.


Her mom told her she was leaving to a distant land to improve their way in life. Mrs. Tardio, Paola’s mama,  was a very strong woman. She had to support ten children, including little Paola; the youngest of all. One day in a bus, on their way back from the hospital, Paola found out that her mom’s departure was very near. she started crying, knowing that her life will not be the same. The foolowing month, very early on a morning, Paola woke up; only to hear the wretched news. Her mother had gone to the distant land, (CA, United States) and for five years, she would not have her mom that she cherished so much next to her.

FIVE YEARS LATER…..Paola came to California to be united to her mom. Her mom then told her that she was starting middle school. Poor Paola! She did not know a single word in English, and worst of all, there was no ESL (English as a second Language) program in the school she attended! But she still remembers a few teachers to this day (they were really strict!), like strict but caring Ms Greenfield. She remembers that Ms Greenfield would go to picture books with her.

“Dress. DDRRESS.” Ms Greenfield would say, pointing to a dress in the picture.

” Vestido.” Paola would say excitingly, thinking SHE was teaching Ms Greenfield some words in Spanish.

“No, dress. DDRRESS.”

“dwess. DDWWESS.”

and on and on. To me, it sounds so cute, but I have to remember Paola is twelve, not a four year old. She was having some challenges in high school too. Wouldn’t you if you were trying to learn a new language? Another challenge came into her life nine years later, when she met Jose Luis V., a handsome gentle Mexican with green eyes and curly black hair. For her family, mostly her mom, saw him as unfit for Paola, since he was a Mexican. Paola’s family had a stereotype of Mexican men as dictatorial and despotic. So Paola had to stand up to her step-dad, mom, five older brothers, and four older sisters that young Jose needed to be known as an individual, instead of a stereotype. He was not a macho or dictatorial or despotic. And sure enough, it has proven to be the best decision of her life. They later got married, and she gave birth to three bundles of joy: Kayla, Daniel, and Jochabel (Jochie). But a month after Jochie was born, Paola got the worst part of her life, she diagnosed Rheumatoid Arthritis; the most painful arthritis of all. She gotten it first on her shoulders, then wrists, soon knees, then wrists, and then everywhere. It spread like wildfire.

Step by Step
When Paola’s mom had left, what confronted her was the promise of her mom bringing her to CA to be together. When she was going through hard times without ESL, she watched news in English everyday, and also memorized the lyrics of the song to improve her pronunciation, she also had patient teachers who wanted to help her learn. With the love of her boyfriend, she got the guts to stand up to her family and tell them how she felt. Rheumatoid Arthritis is what she is currently facing, so I can’t tell you how she had overcome it. She had Rheumatoid Arthritis for eight years, eight years of pain like fire in her joints.

Pursuing Her Dreams

Paola is already enrolled for online education. She hopes of becoming a family therapist. She is undergoing treatment in hopes of finding the right medicine. She tries the best of her ability to become a great mom, despite of her limitations. She sees life with hope and has a smile on her face everyday. She ignites us to soar and follow our dreams. She is a wonderful mom, one of the very people who can soothe me to sleep and keep my chin up in despite of trouble. She knows who I really am. She has been through a  lot, and she doesn’t complain (but I do). That’s why she’s my hero.